1. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I have some Edirol MA-15Ds which seem pretty good, but I don't know if they're still made.
  2. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk

    looking for info/advice/speakers for my spare room, which is 7' x 7'.

    shall use for recording; powered speakers preferably, don't need tons of volume, small is good.

  3. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    i think the FF clock is haywire - i love how you've replied to my post before i instigated it.

    Next post - does anyone have tomorrow's winning lottery numbers?
  4. avatar DaveT
    7 x 7 sounds dangerous, for example if your roof is maybe 8 feet high your getting real close to a cube. id work on maybe sticking some serious traps in that because even if you get a fairly decent set of monitors you might get real modal problems with a 7x7.

    just my two cents

    oh and to kinda answer your question - a pair of ADAM A7s would be worth a look
  5. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    [quote:47b084b6e9="DaveT"]id work on maybe sticking some serious traps in that... ...7x7.

    ...a pair of ADAM A7s would be worth a look[/quote:47b084b6e9]
    Thanks. A good friend of mine also suggested some foam behind nearfields; mackie powered monitors. (he couldn't remember the exact model, but it was probably 624 or 824.)

    i've read good reviews about M-Audio Stereophile AV40s, but the price looks 'too cheap' if you know what i mean

    i'm looking for something that covers 'basic' and 'not crap', mixed with 'for what you want to do, yes, those are fine'.

    Not intended necessarily for final mixes or high-end recording, but neither would they be for horrid sounding demos.
  6. avatar wannabeflea
    I bought a set of Samson Rubicon 6 (the price has gone way up though - I got them 1/2 price when turnkey were still on the go). They sound great, but they show up how bad my room sounds so some acoustic treatment will be required pretty soon.
  7. avatar DaveT
    what kinda style of stuff are you looking to do because obv different monitors will suit different styles. 824s are workhorses, will suit a lot of things. Id also look at Genelecs, and if your budget allows the ADAMs. im not a fan of the m-audios, they just dont sound "right", cant really explain why without a pair infront of me though!

    - had a look there. the m-audios have a 4" cone and only drop down to around 85Hz, i wouldnt imagine its tight around there, and youl prob wanna look into a sub with them. In short, id avoid them.
  8. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
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  10. avatar ryanego
    This might sound a little sacrilegious, but for the amount of problems you're probably going to get in a room that size, you might be better buying something pretty cheap just for monitoring and spending some cash on a decent pair of headphones.

    Just a thought.
  11. avatar nocturn
    On a budget:

    Samson Rubicons are a good shout
    Tascam VL-X5
    Alesis and Edirols have some good sets on a budget too.

    Genelecs and Adams are great, but are probably gonna be out of your price range. Also, don't be tempted by M-Audios or Behringer Truths, they're not good at all!
  12. avatar DaveT
    i can understand the argument for getting good headphones to cancel out teh room, but seriously you dont wanna mix with them, long sessions are gonna tire your ears so quickly youl make mistakes.

    Also getting your field right will be really tricky. Id use phones as part of an overall process but id avoid it as may main.

    What about the Yamaha MSp5s? small, better quality than anything m-audio etc will throw out.

    Personally id think about building a trap for behind your listening position. Its prob gonna have to be huge, like im talking 8 to 10 inches deep (which i know takes up quite a bit of your room), and work on getting your listening position right to help yourself out as much as possible and make your cheaper monitors perform much better.

    id avoid thhe edirols, m-audios, Beringher (unless you like noise). I few people i know like the alesis mk2's, i found them a touch bass heavy tho. Cheap for the money mind and might be in your price range - 270 maybe for actives.

    If you decide to throw some money at it, id look at ADAM A7, Genelec 1031 and some of the small PMC or Dynaudio ones.
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