1. avatar daveshorty
    i'm scared i'd change my mind. my likes and dislikes change from day to day!

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  2. avatar leeroy77
    I love them, I am a tattoo artist in Larne....I know, not very cosmopolitan, but it works.....any other fans in here????
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    I'm all for one or two nice smart wee tatoos.

    Just don't get all hairy greaser bastard on it.
  4. avatar korndog
    Yes. But be careful, I was the victim of some pretty bad ones when I was 18-20. Getting them covered and done properly over the past few years. Always check your artist. There are a lot of cowboys around.
  5. avatar leeroy77
    Here is me....and my work...

    [url=http://diamondback-tattoo.deviantart.com]My Gallery[/url]
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  6. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    My advice is if you are changing your mind, don't do it. I have a full sleeve / other stuff and no regrets - they remind me of times in my life (both good and bad!). Just don't do anything silly like getting a girls name tattooed on you.
  7. avatar leeroy77
    I cover about 3 or 4 chicks names up a week..........even ones I done!!!
  8. avatar Deadlights
    Took me months to decide whether or not to get mine dont but now im hooked.

    Got a lot more planned.
  9. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Yep, I back up the advice about checking out the artist. Got mine done in Coleraine and it's less than impressive, to the effect that now I need to do it again to fix the parts that weren't done properly. Sometimes it's definitively worth it to dish out a bit more money if you know the guy won't fuck up.
  10. avatar palrub
    i love mine, but drinking the night before thinned my blood and i was gushing all over the place. take heed!

    also, remember for every one person that likes your tattoo there's a queue that don't. it's a subjective form of expression, so learn to take a bit of the usual criticism. my favourite's the 'but when yer aul it'll luck balleeex'..

    to be honest, i doubt tats would be the height of my worries in my upper years. cough. wheeze. take that ball down outside your own house yiz wee bawstawrds.
  11. avatar LolaDivine
    i love them, but i only have two, one of which i regret and i'll probably only ever get tatooed again to get the one i dont like changed into something else. I think if you are willing to do something artistic then its worth it but i stress the not getting names, football emblems, disney characters etc and def dont do it the morning after the night before when everything is still a little hazy, and your in a foreign capital with your last few dollars burning a hole in your pocket and deciding tatooed memories are better than beer.

    On a very practical side though my eyeliner is tatooed on and it was well worth it, so much so i have had it done twice.
  12. avatar Deadlights
    On a very practical side though my eyeliner is tatooed on and it was well worth it, so much so i have had it done twice.[/quote:095fa630b8]

    I should expect so!

    One eye with eyeliner constantly on and one without would look very strange.

    I second that. Do not drink for a few days before. I had a heavy Thursday in the Stiff Kitten and a house party on the Friday and got the tattoo done on the saturday. Needless to say I gushed blood everywhere and ended up having to get it done again cause the blood pushed out most of the ink.
  13. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    It amazes me that people drink the night before - you are asking to be scarred.

    I find the "you'll look ridiculous when your old" argument pathetic. At least you will look like you've lived a little - and when your old its not as if you are beating the girls off with flies (unless your Hugh Hefner).
  14. avatar palrub
    i'd be interested in a pic of thon eyeliner job, i'm just generally curious! have heard about people getting a full facial makeup tattoo
  15. avatar loveisthelaw
    Worst tats Ive ever seen was ''tribal''. When I say tribal those ugly green and black squiggles that every tom dick and harry have, they're tacky and meaningless but, everytime I make that statement there's always someone who responds with "This from the guy with a '' my little pony'' ''. I aint got a my little pony its a unicorn, and by my standards means alot and is far from tacky. How can a tattoo represent or mean anything that half the country have
  16. avatar SimonC
    I have to give it a big yes - in saying that I had to think about what EXACTLY I wanted for nearly 10 years - and I realized that (not to offend anyone on here) to get a decent tattoo you need to go outside NI - so I got my done in the States. My wife and I are heading back next summer to get two more from the same artist.

    My wifes tattoo - [url=http://twitpic.com/bgl9s]Lilies[/url]
    Mine - [url=http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2132575&id=560581863#/photo.php?pid=2132575&id=560581863&fbid=99188881863]Anchorboy[/url]
  17. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Ah, I don't know, a lot of people may have similar tattoos. The real issue is wether they actually mean something to them or not and my bet on the issue of tribals, stars and dragons is that they either mean fuck all or people come up with some pretty stupid meaning just to make it loo/sound legit even though they got said tattoo because it looks good or because its the 'cool thing'.
  18. avatar machinehead
    I'm going the opposite direction here - I hate them. They look disgusting to me and, no matter what they are of, you just end up looking like every other tattooed person.

    No, I'm going to go against fashion and be different by NOT getting a tattoo.
  19. avatar NumberBlack
    Double post.
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  20. avatar NumberBlack
    [quote:1ffb272b7c="daveshorty"]i'm scared i'd change my mind. my likes and dislikes change from day to day!
    Yeah, I'd be of the same thoughts.
  21. avatar atomike
    bloody thing posted twice... curse you sunday shakes!
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  22. avatar atomike
    Big big yes from me. My tattoos are reminders of times in my life and I wouldn't be without them. I can vouch for oul leeroy there, he has done 5 tattoos for me ranging from large kinda pin up style girls to a wee tiny skull behind me ear.
    Getting inked is a big decision... not necessarily a permanent one with laser removal n such but a tattoo should be something you are willing to live with for the rest of your days.
  23. avatar continuousbattle
    Simple rule to follow...

    Good tattoo's ain't cheap & cheap tattoo's ain't good!

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  24. avatar Strong Reaction
    True, and not much point asking advice on whether or not you should get one, as it's such a personal thing. Just if you choose to, I'm sure people will give advice on where to go.
  25. avatar feline1
    why get a tatoo when you can have an RFID chip?
  26. avatar remaderyan
    I'm too much of a mummys boy to get inked... i'd be scared of regretting it... always worry that in 70 years time they'll euthanaise people who have tats or got their big toe cut off for the 10k medical research at the place at the bottom of the lisburn road.. thats another story.

    I dont think its necessary as a memory, if you cant remember the thing in your head then why get it on your body? Similarily if its because of your personality type, then surely inner happiness is about being happy with who you are, not making people think you are cool?

    As for a fashion statement, how many girls in their early 30's now have a stupid pair of bum antlers? I know a couple who just look silly. Especially the dumb f**ks on the street corners, at 18 who have their current gf's name.

    All that said, a nice set of sleves look cool as fuck. I've seen some really cool stuff, Anchorboy, your stuff looks awesome.

    I guess that unless its for the right reasons and you are 120% certain, then think twice...
  27. avatar delfuego

    Although saying that I am saving up for a cover-up lol

    Its an individual choice. If you are having any doubts, dont do it. It is the latest fashion trend so there seems to be tattoo artists coming out of the woodwork all over the place. This is not necessarily a good thing!!

    I would be very wary of who I would get a tattoo off. Check their work/testimonies and make sure you are comfortable with the artist. Make sure you get exactly what you want and you are happy with the artwork before you get inked.
  28. avatar Recycled Alien
    Someone pointed me at this [url]http://ugliesttattoos.com/[/url] a couple of weeks ago and I spent a happy hour clicking through the pages in stunned amazement.

    Speaking of unicorns...
  29. avatar tinpot anto
    Tattoo your entire body completely black, save for the words "this thread delivers" left in relief upon your forehead.

    Plus just a massive lol at the phrase "Bum Antlers"
  30. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Is this not the most pointless thread ever?

    Its all personal choice. It always has been, and always will be.

    End of.
  31. avatar eucrid eucrow
    Here's one I got done the other day, it's pure class.

  32. avatar SimonC
    All that said, a nice set of sleves look cool as fuck. I've seen some really cool stuff, Anchorboy, your stuff looks awesome.....[/quote:a55cfd2756]

    Cheers - As I said it took me ages to really think about what I wanted and how it would fit into the bigger picture. I'm planning more in the same arm -so i had to make sure that even though this was the first - I wasn't going to get the placement wrong. As DD^ says - it's personal choice and always will be. My advice FWIW is think about it for a good while, do you research on artists and their work/studio and reputation and if needs be save your cash and be prepared to travel.

    I made the decision that their was a better selection of studios outside NI and that the quality was better (IMHO). So my work was done in the USA (and I'm heading back to the same girl next summer for some more work), despite this I know of some folks who have work from local and ROI artists that is awesome.

    Here's a few inks -
    [url=http://www.jmdsbodyart.com/]JMD Body Art[/url] - regarded as the best in Ireland.
    [url=http://www.pinobrostattoo.com/]Pino Bros Ink[/url], Boston USA - Where my work was done by Doyle
  33. avatar Michael82FFL
    I'm all for tattoos. It took me two years to really know that the tattoo I wanted was what I wanted. I took my idea which was simple enough but means alot to me to skinworks and got it done.

    I cant stand Chinese lettering, they are like walking adverts for a takeaway.
  34. avatar LolaDivine
    [quote:3965f9c72b="palrub"]i'd be interested in a pic of thon eyeliner job, i'm just generally curious! have heard about people getting a full facial makeup tattoo[/quote:3965f9c72b]

    the place i went to could tatoo eyeshadows, blusher, lipstick, eyebrows etc... Think thats a bit too crazy for me.

    i'll find a pic and show you - it needs re-done now - usual story with tatoos the ink goes a bit dull and greyish - compared to the shiny black it started with. can't find anyone in belfast that does it tho.
  35. avatar SweetDickWilly
    [url=http://www.irishtimes.com/indepth/slideshows/tattoo/]Peep dis[/url]