1. avatar SimonC
    Just sold my 62 Re-issue and a few other guitars from the collection so I'm on the lookout again for a Tele. At the least I'd like an American Standard Tele - but a Deluxe would be ideal. PM me / leave a comment with what you have.
  2. avatar andrew_208
    hey man i have a mint con. 72 telelcaster thinline reissue- similar to the custom only with humbuckers at the bridge aswell as the neck- same guitar that johnny buckland uses from coldplay- mine is sunburst finish with white peral scratch, plate comes with a fender case too! not a mark, plays like a dream- interested?
  3. avatar DavidHill
  4. avatar SimonC
    NO MADE IN MEXICO / KOREA / JAPAN models please guys - American built only.
  5. avatar oxo
  6. avatar SimonC
    Cheers OXO - but they're looking silly money for it. It's 4 year old and still the price of a new one...figure?
    Once again Northern Ireland fails to have a guitar shop with A) Any decent range of gear and B) A baldy about decent/fair pricing.
  7. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    Why so set against anything but an "American Made" model?

    I've played Mexican and Japanese reissue models that play much more nicely than American standards/highway one/deluxes....even after both have been set-up to a good standard of playability. Sure the stock pickups aren't the greatest but you can always swap them out pretty cheaply.

    Unless you're collecting specific models (not sure why that would be) I can't see any reason to write them off.....they're made production line style so yes, you're going to get some horrible guitars, but amongst them are a few real gems....

    Just wondering.
  8. avatar SimonC
    I've recently sold a 62 Re-issue Tele and a Lite Ash Strat - I've recently bought a USA Ash Bodied Strat but would really like a TELE as a back-up. I'm in no way writing any "Non-USA" built Fender's off - It's just at this stage I want a USA built Tele.
  9. avatar oxo