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    This months headliner is.....

    [b:1b91c1dab3][size=200]Colenso Parade[/size][/b:1b91c1dab3]

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    Final line-up...

    [b:7c6c85d520][size=250]Colenso Parade[/size][/b:7c6c85d520]


    Colenso Parade like all the best bands are a tight arse gang of old friends. Their soulful indie exudes romance, melodies and attitude with nods to the classic song writing partnerships and a majority share of home made originality. Their storytelling is brimming with blue eyed romance, jaded heartbreak and wry observations. Plaudits from institutions as NME, AU Magazine, Radio 1, ATL and Hotpress Magazine suggest these catchy tunes are not to be ignored!

    [b:7c6c85d520][size=200]Before Machines[/size][/b:7c6c85d520]


    Since the New Year Before Machines have been on the ascent, seizing attention of local press like an intensity XII tsunami.

    Before Machines have been likened to Q and not You, Cursive, Fugazi and Jetplane Landing. They have been described as... "glorious pop meets rock", "raw, honest and exhilarating... fully formed and ready for a proper assault on hearts and minds."

    [b:7c6c85d520]The Key Of Atlas[/b:7c6c85d520]

    After a fantastic performance at BBC ATLs Take Back The City Hall with Oppenheimer, Mojo Fury, A Plastic Rose and The Benjamins The Key Of Atlas are bursting onto the Belfast music scene. A young group of punks they're sure to impress if this is the first time you've seen them. Impressed the balls off me any ways.
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    Gerry your getting worse and worse at this secret headliner melarkey.

    Roll on Wednesday!
  5. avatar gerry norman
    Ha. Nah sure I have to announce the headliner at some stage. I was so excited about Colenso that I announced it a day or two early I must admit.
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    I'm so gonna play Fairytale of New York.
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    Any requests for the SL DJs?
  8. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:8266b53028="gerry norman"]Any requests for the SL DJs?[/quote:8266b53028]

    Could you give Philly a really sore Chinese burn?

    Or do you just do musical requests?
  9. avatar gerry norman
  10. avatar gerry norman
    That man will be lucky to leave with just a Chinese burn. I'm a big knuckle buster fan myself.

    News just in Buckfast and Jager offers.
  11. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Fuck the pair of ye and yer rubbish night. How can you Chinese burn that which does not exist (puff of white smoke), agh fuck it get it over and done with.

    Gerry play Sugarhill Gang or burn in hell.
  12. avatar gerry norman
    Why don't Colenso play Sugerhill Gang I wana play Daniel O Donnell so that Dolphin Bomber might come alone(DB I'm on your side btw. I think your awesome). Actually Cutaways played Dizzy Rascals Dance Wiv Me last month so you better do a pop cover.

    For those of you thinking of coming here's a taste of some stuff I'll be playing along with more well known shizz from 9pm-bands finish(it's gets a lot louder after the bands):

    School Of Language-Rockist
    Girls-Lust For Life
    The XX-Basic Space
    Fleet Foxes-White Winter Hymnal
    Mumford And Sons-Winter Winds
    Animal Collective-Strawberry Jam
    Sufjan Stevens-Chicago
    Passion Pit-Sleepy Head
    The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Young Adult Friction

    Altogether it's a nice mix of chilled-mental alternative music.
  13. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Gerrys a (in the words of Ian McHugh) a trendy bender.
  14. avatar gerry norman
    Man I'm just exploring my mind to new music doooood like helllooooo.

    Oh I forgot to mention I play loads of norn Irish music too(strictly no Colenso Parade don't worry people).
  15. avatar clss_act_00
    This will be our last show for a little while so don't miss it. Haven't played in the menagerie for years, still a dump (in the most wonderful way possible)?
  16. avatar gerry norman
    I said that to Mark when we met about Skinny Love, that it was a dump and that's why I love it and he totally agreed. U feel like u can spill a drink and noone gives a fuck which creates a relaxed atmosphere. Pure undaground dive that feels like a house party with a bar. Very much looking forward to the night.