1. avatar Kingnez
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  2. avatar Kingnez
    its in top condition recently serviced and yes its the 100 watt beast
  3. avatar mck_776
    I might take the JCM900 combo - what sort of condition is it in?

    Is it the same model as the one in the link?

    Thanks, Colin
  4. avatar Kingnez
    why is that doing that???
  5. avatar Kingnez
    stuff added/taken away
  6. avatar Jim Cava
    pm'ed you re baffles
  7. avatar guitarlover
    is the tsl 602 gone?
  8. avatar Kingnez
  9. avatar Kingnez
    stuff added
  10. avatar Jim Cava
    Did you get my pm?
  11. avatar salfhal
    Might take that V case off yer hands if my Rhoads fits in it.
  12. avatar penthouserehersal
    edit wrong thread
  13. avatar Jim Cava
    Can I assume that as you havent got back to me that you are no longer interested in selling the baffles? Or have sold them already?
  14. avatar Kingnez
    not at all mate plenty left
  15. avatar Jim Cava
    Can you pm me your telephone number?
  16. avatar tbl
    Hi, is the Marshall JCM still available?

  17. avatar huston
    pmed u
  18. avatar tbl
    Hi huston - did you mean you pmed me?
    If so I didn't get it...
  19. avatar huston
    tbl - i meant i pmed the seller
  20. avatar tbl
    No bother thanks wasn't sure if my pms were coming in or not...
  21. avatar Jim Cava
    I wouldnt hold your breath. I pm'd him a month and a half ago and still no reply.
  22. avatar tbl
  23. avatar tbl
    bought an amp now - ignore my original request...
  24. avatar Bon-scott
    Just wandering is the flyin v case still for sale??
  25. avatar Kingnez
    sorry guys i picked the worst month to try and and seel this gear so big bump all items still for sale and price drops

    oh and call dont use pms
  26. avatar anty2
    still for sale?