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    [b:0bfc13c47d][size=220]A Plastic Rose[/size][/b:0bfc13c47d]
    [size=100]The Good Fight[/size]
    Irish Tour 2009[/size]
    Split single release A Plastic Rose [Colour Blue] and The Good Fight [Kick Start] through DiDiMau records 7" Vinyl.

    18 Nov 2009 Spirit Store w/ Heritage Centre Dundalk
    19 Nov 2009 Academy 2 w/ Heritage Centre Dublin
    4 Dec 2009 Belfast House [FREE SHOW] Cookstown
    6 Dec 2009 Sandinos One Night For All Derry
    9 Dec 2009 Twisted Pepper w/ The Good Fight Dublin, Dublin
    10 Dec 2009 The Empire w/ The Good Fight, Pocket Promise & Kasper Rosa Belfast
    11 Dec 2009 Phil Grimes [Black Feathers] w/ The Good Fight Waterford
    14 Dec 2009 Roisin Dubh w/ The Good Fight Galway
    18 Dec 2009 Top Of The town w/ The Good Fight Omagh
    19 Dec 2009 Dicey Reillys w/ The Good Fight Strabane
    29 Dec 2009 Cellar Bar w/ WAR Drop D-raperstown
    28 Jan 2010 Baker Place Limerickrick

    The big one is THE EMPIRE gig so spread the word peoples. Hope to see everyone at one of these gigs at least.
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  3. avatar InnerCitiesClaud
    Nice one lads!

    I'll definately be at the empire gig.
  4. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    I'll try and make the Galway show. Any idea how much it'll be? You cunts.
  5. avatar gerry norman
    E5 max but hopefully cheaper. The dates for the Dublin and Belfast gigs on the poster are wrong I'll change that. Roisin Dubh is a lovely venue. Spread the word around Galway if ya know any folk. Hope ya can get down.