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    My first post!
    Me and my friend have recently split from our old band and formed a new band called "The Sunshine State" we currently have a lead and rhythm guitarist and a bassist/vocalist.

    We are in desperate need of a committed drummer who is serious about going far in music, because we intend to do everything possible to get some notice. Me and my friend have had much experience in our old band through gigging in a variety of places and recording a full album in studio. We know a great producer who would be willing to work with us and a few places where we can get gigs no problem.

    We would like to eventually get around to recording an album next year, but we have only began writing material, but we intend to record a single hopefully close to Christmas time.

    The preferred drummer requirements would be:

    - Aged from 16 - 19 years old roughly
    - Committed to the band for long term
    - Willing to experiment and contribute to original material
    - Preferably living close to Newtownards or willing to travel as this is where the majority of the band lives

    We are influenced by bands such as Snow Patrol, Radiohead, Biffy Clyro, Smashing Pumpkins, Bloc party and many others.

    If anyone is interested in the position feel free to either text me on 07592210211
    Or add me on MSN if you would like a rough demo of our single sent to you: blackout35@hotmail.com

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