1. avatar Turks

    Not a bad list really, perhaps Krissi Murison can right some of McNicholls wrongs
  2. avatar comprachio
  3. avatar Recycled Alien
    "not a bad list" if you give a shit what other people tell you are the albums of the decade.
  4. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    does anyone else get linked to a 9 year old story about Posh Spice (as she was still known then...)
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes. And I can't describe how grateful and relieved I am.
  6. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Not a bad list? Seriously?!

    I think it's an appalling list. Some of the albums in the top 10 do not deserve to be in a top 10 of albums from this decade, there are albums that should be way higher than they are (and I take it quite personally that 'Relationship of command' didn't even make the top 5 when it shits all over anything that The Strokes, The Libertines o Arctic Monkeys have done and ever will do) and there are some ridiculous omissions.

    If anything the list reflects the sort of shit average and standard sort of '!ndie' rock that NME seem to love and champion quite strongly. Anyone that really takes this list seriously is a fool.
  7. avatar T Entertainment
    Please, no one ever fix that link.
  8. avatar Turks
  9. avatar Kristam Moffett
    terrible top 50 - but it is NME, they talk garbage all of the time anyway
  10. avatar InnerCitiesClaud
    The thing depresses me most is that in the top 20 there are two albums by 'the streets' ... Why?

    Plus 'relationship of command' was probably only thrown in that unbelievably bad list just so people can't say that's it's all indie.

    Why do NME love the libertines so much, I lose braincella everytime I hear anyone even mention the libertines..
  11. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    ive heard about ten of those top 50 from start to finish. not sure its worth educating myself in the rest, but nice to see xtrmntr and stories from the city, stories from the sea so high, and nice to see the delgados not forgotten.
    wonder if that list is behind stuart from mogwai posting a list of his favourite albums on his [url=http://twitter.com/plasmatron]twitter[/url] earlier..
  12. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
  13. avatar SweetDickWilly
    NME makes me wanna smoke crack.
  14. avatar Crackity_jones
    I like a lot of those albums, but it's just so fucking boring and samey. As if indie rock is all that this decade has been about. Gah. Having said that, it is apparently a list culled from the votes of over 100 different people involved in the industry, so of course it's going to end up safe and dull, with the curveballs and forgotten gems relegated well down the list. It's also going to reflect the people asked, who are probably mainly drawn from the indie realm.
  15. avatar The Ronster
    I've heard about a quarter of those albums, and liked most of those. Wonder if that means I should listen to the rest of them?
  16. avatar atomike
    The fact that they have let Glasvegas anywhere near the top 100 has just removed any shred of credibility this list had. They are quite possibly the most awful Rab C. Nesbitt voiced, derivative nonsense I have heard in a long time.
  17. avatar Recycled Alien
    Just counted. I bought and listen to 18 of their top 50. But that's not the point.

    The list doesn't measure either quality or popularity. It's just made up by asking a selection of the paper's mates. It means nothing.
  18. avatar Chi-Lite
    I've heard a whole ONE of those albums. The Coral - "the Coral".

    that makes me cool, right? Cause i don't care, right kids?

    Plus the Coral were actually class. good album that.
  19. avatar atomike
    agree with you there, Coral- great band.

    Does anyone else find it slightly annoying how NME tore apart the last Strokes album, condemned them and exiled them from the cool list just to bring them back in "to the fold". We're sorry Strokes, all is forgiven...

    The NME is a parasite.
  20. avatar thesneakybandit
    That's not really something to get annoyed with. The Strokes debut album was a decent album at the time. Their last album was terrible. I'm pleasantly surprised by this list. It's actually a bit more diverse than you usually get from NME although The Strokes, Libertines, Radiohead top spots were never going to be in dispute.
  21. avatar Crackity_jones
    [quote:220dd8cc70="Chi-Lite"]I've heard a whole ONE of those albums. The Coral - "the Coral".

    that makes me cool, right? Cause i don't care, right kids?

    Plus the Coral were actually class. good album that.[/quote:220dd8cc70]

    Ha! That's easily one of the worst albums on the list.

    The comment there about The Strokes doesn't make sense - their last album being crap doesn't stop the first one being a classic. Which it is.
  22. avatar Andrew
    I've only heard the Cash album.

    I think I'll keep it that way.
  23. avatar Baroness_84
    Nice to see Brendan Benson's Lapalco in there, great album, even though he did have to buddy up with Jack White before NME (New Musical Excrement) noticed him!!

    The fact that Relationship of Command and Songs for the Deaf didnt even get in the "rubbish" top 10 speaks volumes!

    Id like to see everyone's own top 50 for the decade, tho there'd be a hell of a lot of thinking involved. :(
  24. avatar The Stav
    Modern Wank
  25. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Wait, what the hell is "Let It Come Down" doing there? As much as I love Spiritualized that album is fucking awful.

    I think in lists such as these there should be a "one album per band" rule.
    I can't wait to see the same level of revulsion aimed at the AU list.
  26. avatar Crackity_jones
    [quote:4c26d94cf0="my-angel-rocks"]I can't wait to see the same level of revulsion aimed at the AU list.[/quote:4c26d94cf0]

    It will be fun. :D
  27. avatar strangevictorypresents
    "The NME is the Enemy" (Billy Childish)
  28. avatar paperlanterns
    [quote:e2ed6b721e="InnerCitiesClaud"]The thing depresses me most is that in the top 20 there are two albums by 'the streets' ... Why?

    Erm...because original pirate material is fantastic and Mike Skinners narrative is phenomenally accurate to real life at times...maybe thats why?
  29. avatar chuckbilliards
    At The Drive In? Yes Please. Everything else? No thnx mister NME.
  30. avatar thefonz
    bloc party silent alarm deserves to be in the top 10.
  31. avatar Deadlights
    +1 - Fantastic album
  32. avatar Deadlights
  33. avatar Furious Tradesmen
  34. avatar xfirefishx
    I thought it was a bit of a pity that a number of bands had more than one album in the top 50. Certainly more than 43 bands over the past ten years managed to produce 50 of the best albums.

    Although I suppose it backs up a point I meant to make in response to Crackity_jones' post about there being nothing quirky in the list. I suppose if you ask 100 people, they all might pick something a bit quirky and different and unusual but they probably all pick something different but obviously all the mainstream, common choices will be chosen by more people helping to bump them up the chart.

    But anyways... I'm currently still racking my brains as to the top Irish albums of the last decade. That list better not be a big disappointment!
  35. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    plus, who actually writes that stuff?
    shellac's 'excellent italian greyhound' (listed as 'excellent') is described as "a brilliant album full of memorable songs" (which, to this shellac fan's ears, it isn't), and rather than elaborate, they just post a shellac bio lifted off wikipedia!
    just one place previously, a piece on sigur ros' agaetis byrjun is accompanied by a video of an acoustic version of a song from a different album. why?
    "read the original review [of a frightened rabbit album from 2008] from 2003!"

    on the same page, they're advertising a piece called "did the internet ruin music?". hmm. i can't be bothered clicking any further. i'm away back to ma murder book.
  36. avatar whipchorus
    Excellent Italian Greyhound is the absolute aural definition of 'half arsed'. Another 5 years chaps...

    Nothing annoys me more than a band who are quite capable of rocking out (in their own inimitable angular style of course) but fill half a an album of pissing about and crap, because, yknow, they're underground and all.