1. avatar dolphin bombers
  2. avatar paperlanterns
    does mike know he is for sale as part of this bumper package?
  3. avatar dolphin bombers
    ha ha iv pasted this of a friends page what a fking plonker she is ,,,mic lol
  4. avatar dolphin bombers
    im also betting that sity records is meant to be city records lol
  5. avatar delfuego
    Ah. I was thinking sh*tty records. My bad
  6. avatar savagebilliards
    It's finding Bach that is gonna be the really difficult bit for those interested parties!:D
  7. avatar Deadlights
    So if i'm interested, i get Johann Sebastian Bach, even if I dont end up buying the decks?
  8. avatar paperlanterns
    now that really would be a bargin!