1. avatar edwin mcfee
    Deestroyer will be along shortly with the details-but for now here's the unofficial poster-
  2. avatar Deestroyer
  3. avatar edwin mcfee
    I hear Thierry Henry is planning to make it to the gig to give a public apology.
  4. avatar Deestroyer
    [edit] For being a silly remark.
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  5. avatar tinpot anto
  6. avatar edwin mcfee
    We should award a prize for best quiff.
    Sadly I won't win though, because I'm a curly bop :(

    Still-this gig will rule the school. No Mean City play their first ever show in Belfast, the Tin Pot Operation will be sporting a new member and the Sabrejets are the bosses of the hot sauce(s) (yeah, that one doesn't work...).

    This Friday peoples!!
  7. avatar Deestroyer
    I'm also a curly bop (bap?) but I'm working a kinda quiff at the minute. Reading that sentence back it's maybe time for a haircut.
    Anyway, this is gonna be class. Pay day on the Friday too, sweet! I'm gonna fill my boots.
  8. avatar tinpot anto
  9. avatar carriedavenport
    ha ha no swalllly until after you play anto - thats the rules!! i can't wait for this it'll be class!!
  10. avatar tinpot anto

    *kicks wall, storms off, flails arms*
  11. avatar edwin mcfee
    Two more days to go.

    Rick's going. Are you?

  12. avatar Deestroyer
    Is that the ravishing Rick Rude?


    (staying on the toy theme... see what I did there an' all?
  13. avatar tinpot anto
  14. avatar edwin mcfee
    [quote:6eca10853f]Is that the ravishing Rick Rude?[/quote:6eca10853f]

    Nah-this is Ravishing Rick Roode-

    Homeboy up there is Rick 'The Model" Martel-

    Sadly Ravishing Rick is dead so he won't be attending, but 'The Model' has promised me he'll be going.

    I hope he doesn't break his oath :086:
  15. avatar Deestroyer
    Exclusive promo photo for the Spring and Airbrake, this Friday!

  16. avatar tinpot anto
    I like that boy on the left there swalling a massive bottle of Buckie.

    Can you get a magnum of Buckie?
  17. avatar edwin mcfee
    Well, especially for the TPO, we'll throw in a magnum of buckfast, a magnum choc ice and (for one night only) Magnum P.I.

  18. avatar tinpot anto
    I'd drInk that right up, ooooooh momma!
  19. avatar Deestroyer
  20. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    any stage times?

    check your pms deestroyer btw
  21. avatar karenmquinn
    I am very happy that Magnum P.I will be in attendance, he is my favourite of the sexy Private Investigators, although Veronica Mars is a close second, Monk is my favourite neurotic P.I.

    I ws also wondering about stage times....
  22. avatar tinpot anto
    I would do Jessica Fletcher.
  23. avatar Deadlights
    I would do Jessica Rabbit
  24. avatar edwin mcfee
    I like the Monk from Vinnie Jones' classic film Mean Machine.

    Anywho, stage times will be up tomorrow. First band will be on around ten.
  25. avatar tinpot anto
    You sick fucker
  26. avatar Deestroyer
    I don't like P.I.s. I prefer professionals; not former professionals, or washed up ex-cops who are too 'maverick' for the force or OCD suffers. I'm talking about professionals. People that know what they're are doing and always get their man. People who will pursue and persist until the job is done, until the truth is exposed, until evil is defeated. I'm talking about him, the one and only, the man himself, the main event, the last word in criminal investigation, ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Columbo.

  27. avatar karenmquinn
    Columbo is the best but not a PI hence he did not feature on my list.

    For the same reason Jessica Fletcher does not feature as she technically is a writer not a PI. I take my ficticious PI's very seriously

    Anto, you should be ashamed of yourself suggesting the delightful Ms. Fletcher would get it.

    Rebus gets my vote for TV cop.
  28. avatar tinpot anto
    Can we all agree that Barnaby is the shittest detective ever, followed closely by Rosemary and Thyme?

    There's a Magnum PI/Murder She Wrote Crossover episode, where Magnum is wrongly arrested and his good friend Jessica (she's good friends with EVERYONE!) helps him out. Plus there is action shots
  29. avatar karenmquinn
    Rosemary and Thyme are hideous. That Magnum/MSR crossover was the stuff of dreams. Jessica had a lot of good friends alright.

    But and I can't believe I forgot about it til just there now, the greatest PI tv show of all time FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES!!

    Can I get a 'hell yeah' on that one please?!
    (Ok, maybe just from Chi-lite)
  30. avatar tinpot anto

    The guy that wrote Fr Dowling was his External Examiner for his Masters or sthg you know!!

    I loved Monk, but they started playing it too much for laughs and undermined the pathos of the character
  31. avatar edwin mcfee
    Fr Dowling was the business!

    The best thing Mr C ever did was become a crime fighting priest
  32. avatar Deadlights
    With his crime fighting side kick, Jesus

    I get the picture of God being a Charlie'esq character from Charlies Angels
  33. avatar edwin mcfee
    This is tonight!
  34. avatar Deestroyer
    Stage Times pour ce soir...

    Sabrejets: 11.50pm

    Tin Pot Operation: 10.50pm

    No Mean City: 10.00pm

    A free perfectly spherical circle drawn freehand by myself for all in attendance.
  35. avatar tinpot anto
  36. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Sabrejets were brilliant, missed the first 2 bands (but I'm told they were excellent). Another great night courtesy of Team Big List, well done. Edwin did you buy me a rose at the end of the night?!!
  37. avatar edwin mcfee
  38. avatar tinpot anto
    Us too!

    Cheers Edwin, was our first "big stage" gig with the mandolin in the lineup, so we we gave the full whack!

    Loved it! Its a brilliant gig to play!

  39. avatar Deadlights
    Aye, it loooks to be!

    We're hoping to get in on at least 1 of the shows when our new EP's ready.

    Should be getting the master some time this week hopefully.