1. avatar jonesy
  2. avatar jonesy
    this week! get your tickets [url=http://www.blackboxbelfast.com/event.aspx?e=604]here[/url]
  3. avatar Nocarsgo
    Any chance of stage times?
  4. avatar jonesy
    times are approx, but we expect -
    doors 8pm
    Gareth Dunlop 8.30pm
    Iain Archer 9.30pm

    so get down early!

    our pizzeria is open for food from 6pm
  5. avatar jonesy
    tomorrow! only a few tickets left
  6. avatar Nocarsgo
    Oooh, Gareth Dunlop's playing. And he's not half bad actually.
  7. avatar jonesy
    some tickets on the door
  8. avatar Nocarsgo
    This was insanely good. SImply brilliant!
  9. avatar strangevictorypresents
    a totally amazing show!!