1. avatar tomtom
    Currently seeking a bass player for band, we're doin all original material and that's what we wanna push, we'll throw in a few covers also on gigs, bass player is the final piece to the musical jigsaw, we're based armagh direction, we're flexible with practice sessions, hard to put a genre on our stuff and each have different influences, but we're open minded when it comes to good music.
  2. avatar tomtom
  3. avatar dolphin bombers
    where and who are yous?
  4. avatar tomtom
    we've no band name yet as we're concentrating on gettin the music right first, we want to make sure everything is done right and don't want any half assed efforts goin out that would put people off straight away, we hold our practise sessions in markethill, dunno how close that is for you? drop me a line if you're interested?
  5. avatar tomtom
  6. avatar salfhal
    It'd probably help your search if you throw in a few "sounds a bit like..." references.

    You could be playing anything from doom metal to pop, hard to develop interest without any comparisons.
  7. avatar tomtom
    hard to know who we sound like to be honest but at a push it's soft rock/contemporary folk but we're currently writing lots of different styles too
  8. avatar tomtom