1. avatar museician
    as in get parts added like sustainer etc, anyone near antrim who is good and fair priced that way? also i really doubt it but if anybody knows of someone from northern ireland who would install a korg kaoss pad please let me know too thanks
  2. avatar wannabeflea
    Sustainer pickup would be a doddle. Anyone handy with a soldering iron could do it (I'll do it for beer!). The Kaoss pad might be more of an issue. Requires major routing out of the guitar body, then there's the question of whether it'd actually fit. Matt B.'s guitars have a lot of room behind the bridge to put things like Kaoss pads, most other guitars don't. What sort of guitar we talking about here?
  3. avatar museician
    ah right thanks, im going to get a guitar for christmas thats the thing and i dunno which one to get yet, what one would you recommend for the kaos pad?
  4. avatar wannabeflea
    Don't know offhand what size a Kaoss pad is but you'll be look enough space behind the bridge to fit the thing plus at least an 3/4 inch (about 18mm in new money) all round the pad. Also would need to be flat topped (ie not arch topped like a les paul). Don't know of any 'standard' guitars with that much space to be honest.