1. avatar the dirty weed
  2. avatar the dirty weed

    Tomorrow night. Don't miss out - promises to be pretty special.
    There will be a session and chat with James on Radio Ulster's Arts Extra tomorrow between 6.30-7pm
  3. avatar rubyvroom
    There will be some exclusive pre-release debut albums for sale also. 'Murmurations' is officially due to be launched on Feb 4th at the Kings Head, so get in early! ;)

  4. avatar Revenge Therapy
    might hit this! stage times?
  5. avatar the dirty weed
    [quote:acbb29d833="Revenge Therapy"]might hit this! stage times?[/quote:acbb29d833]

    let's go for -

    robyn: 9.30
    ruby: 10.15
    james: 11