1. avatar jenniemcc
    As you all know by now, there's a meeting tonight to discuss the recent closure of NIMIC.

    Tons of people have been emailing and calling asking about an agenda, so here you go.

    The focus of the meeting is to:

    1. Unite as a collective of Music Indutry Professionals.

    2. Discuss and agree on a collective statement.

    3. Discuss how we as a collective could best be supported in the future.

    The meeting is going to be kept as informal as possible, but will be loosely chaired by myself (Jennie McCullough), Richard Dale and Nick Fitzsimons who run the monthly music meetups.

    There will be a recording of the discussion taken so that minutes can be drawn up and made available to anyone that wants them.

    We're not interested in negativity. I think we all recognise that NIMIC had it's flaws but that without such an organisation the industry is left without representation.

    What we want to do is think positively about what we can now present as an alternative.

    It all kicks off in The Limelight at 6pm and is expected to last until 7.30pm