1. avatar Deadlights
    Im looking to buy a new drumkit, but I have absolutley no idea whats good/bad or where to look and what to look for.

    Play Alt Rock sort of style of music.

    Any advice would be great!
  2. avatar The Stav
    I'm not a drummer but I have good and bad experiences of buying and working with drums at the studio.
    The best makes are Pearl, Tama, Gretsch, Sonor, Mapex or Ludwig- with cymbals go for Zildjian or Sabian. Avoid cheap kits with Mickey Mouse hardware- they won't last the distance. You need sturdy stands- the heavier the better. Also look out for Remo or Evans skins.
    As I say, I'm not a drummer, although I have a fair idea of what's good. If you know any other drummers get them to check over any kits you take a look at.
    And buy second hand- you'll get a lot more bang for your buck.
  3. avatar Deadlights
    Ive been drumming for about 10 years, but im self taught and never really took an interest in knowing whats good and whats not. Havent had a kit for the last 4 or 5 years, juut been renting/borrowing kits for gigging and using the kit provided in our rehearsal studio.

    I got a kit when I 1st started playing and it was a session Pro. Absolulte bucket of shit, but it did me rightly for learning!

    Is the Marcus Music drum studio any good for a nosey?
  4. avatar The Stav
  5. avatar DaveT
    price range?
  6. avatar Kingnez
    (these arent mine but theyre in my for sale thread as i had pics and access to web)

    a solid wee shell pack of good quality and a good sound if you ask any of the lads whose played on them

  7. avatar Deadlights
    Price range depends on what the kit is, how old it is and whether or not i decide to buy new or second hand
  8. avatar Pablo33
  9. avatar Deadlights
    What was it like buying online?

    How long did the kit take to arrive from when you bought it?

    I think i'd probably prefer to buy a brand new kit and not have to replace anything than buy a second hand kit and have to get new hardware or reskin it.
  10. avatar Devilspain
  11. avatar Devilspain
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  13. avatar brianmcf
    Don't be fooled by the CB or Session Pro starter kits you see in Matchetts for cheap, they would be useless if you ever get a band together and start gigging. You're much better off getting a half-decent second hand kit. A second hand Yamaha Stage Custom, Pearl Export or Tama rockstar would be perfect.
  14. avatar Pablo33
  15. avatar PastyBap
    Hey man, its Ciaran from CMj Events, gimme a ring and ill help ya. Mark has my number.
  16. avatar Deadlights
    Ive been drumming for 11 years, already had a starter kit for 5 oe 6.

    Were doing some serious gigging in 2010, and were releasing our new EP in the new year, so Im looking for a good kit and im willing to spend whatever it takes.

    Played a Yamaha Stage Custom years ago in Komodo Recordings and I've always been impressed by them.
  17. avatar petetheleaf
    i've been playing for about 7 or 8 years and the best advice i can give is your cymbals make the kit. any kit (well, have decent kit) can be tuned to sound good if you stick decent skins on it but you can't tune a cymbal and bad sounding, cheap cymbals will annoy the hell out of you.

    i play a pearl export ELX with sabian aax cymabals which isn't the most expensive in the world but it sounds better than my mates pearl masters because he can't tune a drum!

    wherever possible try before you buy and when you get your kit buy good skins, a tension meter or a book on tuning.

    for cymbals you can't go wrong with sabian to begin with and cast cymbals are the best but can get expensive. a friend of mine plays the sabian b8's and for moulded/pressed cymbal's they're not bad and pretty easy on the wallet but they will get damaged easier.

    that's everything i know (which isn't much).

    good luck
  18. avatar Deadlights
    Will most kits come with cymbals, and if so, are they good?

    Ive only ever bought a starter kit and, well, the cymbals were made from old kit-kat wrappers.
  19. avatar petetheleaf
    if you're buying a starter kit they'll come with sheets of metal that look like cymbals but yes kitkat wrappers would best decribe them ha ha.

    as well as that the hardware is very basic and not very sturdy.

    realistically you need a budget between 500 and 800 to get gear that can sound good plus last you a while and hold up in a gig situation but there are bargins out there. i wouldn't rule out second hand drums but cymbals wear easily so brand new is always the best way to go.

    as i say i play the pearl ELX with sabian AAX cymbals - kit cost me 600, cymbals 550 and another 200 at least on more good hardware (all brand new mind). to put that into context my kit is pretty average, it's like having an epiphone guitar. gibsons although better cost twice and sometimes 4 times as much. saying that if i played the guitar i'd have a good gibson with the money i put into my kit.

    anyway i've had a quick look, check out the Pearl FZ725(440)and Zildjian ZBT or ZXT cymbal packs(150-200). other makes will have equivalents on offer but if i was starting from scratch that's the price range i'd be looking at.

    i'd say just pick a kit you like the look of, read online reviews and if you like it shop around for bargins. look around for good cymbal packs as this can sometimes save a lot of money and there's millions of variations out there.

  20. avatar petetheleaf
    a guy has a mint premier cabria for sale there with cymbals and hardware. if it were me i would jump on it!!! that sounds like what your after - they sound pretty good with a bit of tuning
  21. avatar EWCraig
    Ahem, http://www.mrdrums.co.uk/.

    One of the only if not the only drum specialist in Northern ireland/ireland.

    Great deals, everything you could need. Robs a great man to talk to, tell him what you need and he'll do his best to suit your needs.
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  25. avatar petetheleaf
    that's more or less what i have now. good buy mate hope it works out well. if you're like me it won't stop there though there's always something you need or want.

    i should've just played the guitar... far easier on the bank account.
  26. avatar Deadlights
    Well Ive already got my eye on a few bits and pieces I want to add on in the near future :D