1. avatar Deadlights
    Anyone had any recording experiences at blueroom studios in Donaghadee?

    We've jsut finished recording or 2nd EP up there and it's sounding fucking brilliant so far!

    Its run by Pete Pratt who used to play bass in Morph and now plays in Nanook. The man is a genius! came up with some class ideas while we were recording that we'd never even thought of!

    We should have the final mixes back this week so ill stick another post up with a link to our myspace and you can check them out.

    But for anyone looking a great studio to record in for a decent price, i'd strongly reccommend blueroom.
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Absolutely +1.

    Pete will make your band sound like your band, only as good as it can possibly sound.

    no pushing you into stock sounds and always willing to break the rules.

    Lovely man too, pleasure to work with.

    The gear available is fantastic too.

    Could not recommend him highly enough.
  3. avatar clss_act_00
    I've never heard anything bad come out of there, only seems to put out quality sounds. And that's coming from someone who runs another studio
  4. avatar Deadlights
    Plus it was by far the cheapest price we were quoted
  5. avatar Danny Lynch
    The Varionis can third.... or fourth?... that. Pete took what may have been some pretty good tracks and turned them in to excellent tracks. He's as much a producer as he is a sound engineer and is an absolute leged.
    Examples of his work with us are on myspace.com/thevarionis and he worked on all tracks except reach out.
    Id recommend him to anybody, and it has been said if..god forbid.. we ever got signed or anything, we'd always go back to blueroom to record instead of looking elsewhere...the man's a genius.
  6. avatar Deadlights
    I don't think i'd go anywhere else if I'm honest