1. avatar Michael1990
    My first post!
    Hi all, was told about this little corner of the net, so decided to come along and give it a whirl, based in carrickfergus, im looking to form or join a band, influences band wise vary, from zeppelin, to paramore, to death cab for cutie, to biffy plus lots more. Been playing guitar now for 5 or so years, anywho, if anyone wants to get in touch drop me a line.

    Thanks in advance

  2. avatar Fighting For Salem
    Hey Michael

    I am also from Carrickfergus. Im a songwriter and Ive been toying with the idea of forming a band after a few years outta music. Dont wanna raise any hopes because Im not sure of that yet but at the very least Ive been wanting to hook up with other songwriters and just enjoy the creative process over a cup of coffee. So yeh maybe not what your looking for but then again, maybe it is. Message me if you wanna give it a wee blast sometime.
  3. avatar millvalleystudios

    We are currently looking for a guitarist to complete our new line up, we have some demos at the link below. If you are interested please get in touch