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    this kit is still up for sale any takers??
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    xmas bump
  6. avatar Devilspain
    still trying to sell this wants £300 for it now?? any takers??

    what you get

    Mapex vx black finish
    hardware included
    12" 13" 16" 22" standard sizes

    cymbals sabian B8's with carry case.
    14" hihats 16" crash 20" ride.

    theres drum cases for the whole kit too.
    kit has been rarely used so is in great nick.

    £300 now :)
  7. avatar the_rev
    would you be willing to sell the hi hats seperatly?

  8. avatar Devilspain
    sorry bloke i asked my buddy and she wants to sell the whole thing as a package. sorry mate.
  9. avatar the_rev
    no bother mate, thanks anyyways :)