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    Hey, were looking for a drummer, we are newtownards based (15 mins outside belfast)and we are already jamming, we are ready to move to our practice space and start gigging at anytime!

    we are into heavy rock/metal/glam/classic rock/blues etc we have sat down, and have really really thought about it, music is what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives, we will not be happy otherwise, i will post a clip of out current members playing soon.

    I hope to help recreate some of our fave artists and bring them back into public listening (whitesnake,styxx,ac/dc,chuck berry,DIO,stevie ray vaugn etc, thoose kinda artists/bands)

    its in hollywood, sound proofed. sofas. recording equipment. lots of room. we do not need to pay fot it as it is our bassists (dean)

    We also are going to (are are currently writing) write our own material

    PM me
    or add me on msn: shiniru@hotmail.co.uk
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