1. avatar nrk
    Am looking to get hold of a few cheap acoustic guitars, doesn't matter if they're damaged, basically the cheaper the better as I am pretty skint at the moment.

  2. avatar ozzfiend88
    My first post!
    how much you lokking to spend, i've a crafter with a few bumps and bruises but sounds fine i was gonna post for sale at 65 but maybe thats to much
  3. avatar nrk
    Sorry but I am looking for old battered guitars that people no longer want and might let go off for very little. need several for a photo shoot but can't afford to spend much.

  4. avatar Insomniax2
    I've a couple of 3/4 scale Hohner Acoustics if you want.. Not battered, but I'll never use them!
  5. avatar remedy malahide
    I've an old battered encore acoustic, will get pics tonight. PM me your email address and I'll forward them over so you can see what you think.
  6. avatar nrk
    Thanks, sounds perfect, have sent over my email to you both.

    Anyone else able to help please get in touch.