1. avatar Bileofwood
  2. avatar SimonC
    EHX Holy Grail all the way.
  3. avatar jab
    The holy grail ;lus is better or the holiest grail.
  4. avatar Bileofwood
  5. avatar my-angel-rocks
    You probably want the holy grail then, its just a basic "turn knob for more reverb"
    The holiest grail is a majorly complicated piece of kit that can create all manor of weird reverbs.
    I quite liked my old boss rv2 pedal although sometimes it sounded quite digital.
  6. avatar Bileofwood
  7. avatar chrisjedijane
    Before you buy something, check out the Line 6 verbzilla. From springs to plates to cave and weird octave reverb sounds, it's great. The Holy Grail is good, but I think the verbzilla is excellent.
  8. avatar Bileofwood
    Aye, I've got a Line 6 Pod X3 (which I think has Verbzilla effects built in) but I'm trying to avoid them as I do find them a bit too synthetic which I'm trying to avoid.

    - Jesus I really should proof read!

    OK, have gone for the Holy Grail nano. It's small and simple - being a punk rock guitarist with only basic requirements it's gonna be grand for me. The question is, do I go for chorus or delay next?

    Any advice?

    (Only kidding, unless there is some advice which I'll happily take)
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  9. avatar chrisjedijane
    it's different though, the verbs on the verbzilla sound really lush, compared to any reverb i've heard on a pod.
  10. avatar jab
    Meant holy grail plus
  11. avatar comprachio
    Holy Grail Plus is grand. No dicking about and decent sound. Holiest is better though.
  12. avatar Bileofwood
    Cool beans, thanks for the advice all. I've ended up going for a Holy Grail Nano.

    Next stop... delay. Or chorus.
  13. avatar thesacredhearts
    really depends what sound you're trying to achieve. the song dictates what effects to use imo. but anyways dont really use much chorus on guitars myself, so id say delay all the way.

    there are some lovely TC electronics (i think) valve reverb pedals. pricey though.
  14. avatar savagebilliards
    verbzilla is great! from natural sounding verbs to huge cave sounding madness to echo to octo reverb. It also has a trail feature. I love it!
  15. avatar thecomeons_2
    i have a couple of reverbless amps and use denelectro fab echo. it sounds like a cross between delay and reverb. cheap as chips too.
  16. avatar NeverSayDio
    a behringer digital delay less than 50 quid can be set to give reverb effect.use a power supply as batteries last no time at all due to the blinding light from the led power indicator
  17. avatar Kingnez
    once upon a moon id an old korg toneworks delay pedal best reverb id ever heard