1. avatar clss_act_00
  2. avatar Amz
    Def interested. Email on the way!
  3. avatar SimonC
    This is a steal guys - these are one of the most UNDERRATED Fenders out there - fantastic and unique sound and super build quality. Good luck with the sale.
  4. avatar jab
    You interested in any swaps?

    I take it is mexican made?
  5. avatar clss_act_00
    The person who sold me it might be taking it back now (seems only fair to give them first preference) but if not Amy was in first so will get a look first.. but keep the interest coming

    And it's made in korea
  6. avatar jab
    You interested in any trades?
  7. avatar clss_act_00
    Sorry, no not really interested in trades
  8. avatar jab