1. avatar Mardy-Bum
    Hi, im doing a bit of research and I am wondering what capacity the following venue's are:

    Mandela Hall
    The Limelight
    Spring And Airbrake
    Ulster Hall
    Waterfront Hall
    Nerve Centre
    St Georges Market

  2. avatar atomike
    if you're doing the research... surely it should be you finding out this information. Make a bit of an effort and call the venues... it's not like they wont tell you!
  3. avatar Mardy-Bum
    well some of the promoters post on this site and i can obtain it from here also, thanks though.
  4. avatar NumberBlack
    Quick Google search isn't very hard either.

    [quote:62808235eb]The individual capacities are 500 (Limelight), 600 (the Spring & Airbrake) and 200 (Auntie Annie's).[/quote:62808235eb]
  5. avatar fastfude
    Stick your findings in the wiki for future reference too: http://fastfude.org/wiki/Category:Live_Music_Venues