1. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    Hi I am looking to get together with a few other musiciains to just jam and if things work out well take if from there.
    I have tried loads of times to advertise on here and get a band going but ppl seem to talk as if they want to be in a band but when u get down to it they are not so sure lol.
    I think this way ppl will be able to just jam and if they enjoy we can chat about forming a band.
    I am 14 so would be hoping for people in their teens although it would be brilliant to jam with older more experienced musicians as well.
    I am grade 8 (only saying that to let you know that I can actually play). I have loads of influences from metallica, rage against the machine, muse, joe bonnamassa, etc etc.
    I can play pretty much any style and the only thing I would not really be into would be pop.
    If you are interested please get back to me and let me know. I have somewhere to practice and there is always the stables studio in coleraine - for a group it only works out at a cople of pounds each for a practice session.
    I write all my own material and am also happy to do covers as well.
    I think if we started off doing covers it would be the easiest way to start and then we could take it from there.
    Please dont think from my music list above that I am just a metal head. I do love metal but like I said I am into all sorts of music.
    I might have a drummer lined up but please anyone - if interested - let me know. Thanks
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  2. avatar museician
    awesome, what do you play i have a friend who sings and i play guitar so if you know that drummer it could be good :):)
  3. avatar aidanfusco
    Your dad was on about getting a jam organised with you, would have been well on for it, but unfortunately our own jamming has been put completely on hold as we couldnt get a drummer.. hope you get something sorted out
  4. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    Hey Aidan thanks - my dad had said he had tried to organise something - it will work in the end lol.