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    (The following is my own opinion and thus does not reflect the views of fastfude.org in the likely event that the guitar playing spides among you will rally to post your narrow views...)

    To anyone who has been motivated by music! Please buy, rent or steal this movie. Sorry for waffling, I wanted to write this in the 'egregious' section because, lets face it, its cool because it uncool but apparently only the FastFude staff can post there and that's fair enough. But this way I reckoned I could reach enough of you who are intelligent enough to appreciate post-modernism to tell you that the 70's Blake Edward movie'10' is (in my opinion)the way to go in self awareness songwriting. It's got a great cast and that has it's own legacy, but from a musicians point of view it has a lot to say about how it is to have loved, lost and fucked up. This is something that I think we can all relate to, and I know it's a bit florid, given today's climate but hell. We all know where its at when it comes to songwriting be it metal, country, indie or emo we've all fucked up. This movie fills me with hope that no matter how many times people fuck up, they may still be happy. And before you all rush to your keyboards to tell me I'm a wanker and that I'm seduced by Anglo/American sentimentality and pseudo-intellectualism etc etc, please look into the majority of the stuff you write about and tell me that it's not a reflection of (no matter how abstract) how you think you could have done better in relationships and the subsequent effect on how you see a song. It's expertly written, directed and acted and bla bla. But watch it pissed, stoned or tripping but give it a chance and let it get inside your head. It's important to all those of us who want to be professionals and who will eventually be too old to make amends for all our shit, something as songwriters we can all understand (influences, Metallica, Nick Cave, Tom Waits or Joni Mitchell alike). What you think? No time wasters please...
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    Posted 4:11am m'lud.
    The prosecution rests.
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    Wow, This thread delivered on the basis of a single post.

    I salute this.

    Awesome insaneness
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    now, i've seen plenty of films that seemed to relate in funny ways to my life, but would never have thought that somebody would see [i:afddf488a0]connection[/i:afddf488a0] with a dudley moore film.