1. avatar Matt M
    Can anyone point me towards the correct NI legislation regarding domestic noise pollution. The particular situation is a neighbour complaining about drums being played in a completely detached double glazed garage. I had a look about online, but I couldnt quite decipher all the legal jargon.

    Thank you!

    ps: we're all students, nothing serious, just having a laugh, and are doing this once a week (at most), always weekdays. The latest we'd be finishing would be 5pm.
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  2. avatar Rock Danger
    Well kinda only have one outcome really - your neighbour can complain, the wee noise man comes out and measures your level of rock and if it's below the limit, you can tell your neighbour to fuck off. I haven't looked at it for a while, but I remember something about constant rhythm over a certain length of time is the main problem even if you're under the noise limit.
  3. avatar Valkaine Miki
    had a similar problem when we started our band, but we were lucky enough to find a new practice space.we got 2 letters from the council saying they'd recieved 2 official complaints, but it was left to us to organise the sound guy to come out and measure levels.so i say keep playing until the council help you do something about it.
  4. avatar unplugged

    i know a guy whos band practiced out in his 'double glazed garage'. his neighbour complained politely, then had serious words after a lengthy period and still he ignored his requests to stop playing live amplified music in a residential area when he was on night shift and when his kids were in bed after 8pm.

    they ignored him more.

    then one day after his previous night of jovial band practice he came out found brake fluid poured all over his new peugot 206.

    one thing. don piss your neighbours off. you have to live beside them and you dont know who they know. id love to practice in my garage but i know it would be more than audible to my neighbours who dont blast me with noise often.
    so we use a decent PA fitted practice space at an hourly rate its why they make so much money from us fastfudians.
  5. avatar NeverSayDio
    i know the feeling.some people are never happy.my neighbour asked me to turn down the 'noise' (a roland kit into a stereo hifi amp-and like all amps they go down as well as up and was no louder than a kettle boiling)on a sunday while she was marking homeworks (school teacher-christian-remember the sabbath day etc. and over a bank holiday weekend fri/mon.)the next thing i get is an official complaint from the council about the noise,so since then there hasn't been any noise/music as i now listen 90% of the time through headphones.still not happy,she asks all her mates to park outside my door and half the time i have to turn sideways to get out the door.eventhough the police have been out to tell her it's illegal to a. park on the footpath and b. to obstruct a doorway (no parking within 15 metres)and have fined the owners of the cars parked there,she still continues to piss me off.so beware of uptight bast@rds who just don't want anyone having a better time than they are.
    good luck
  6. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:3f59928f96="NeverSayDio"](school teacher-christian-remember the sabbath day etc)[/quote:3f59928f96]

    The sabbath is a saturday
  7. avatar NeverSayDio
    if you're going to quote me then read the 3rd word in the quote-therefore the sabbath is a sunday which you would have noticed if you have read the rest of my post.
  8. avatar unspecified_trend
    Surely the rule is that noise must be within acceptable levels after 11? Me and a few mates had similar problems with halls and house parties in the past few years, but the thing was that complaints couldn't be registered until after a specific time...

    Also, guy sounds like a massive twat. I'd open the doors when playing if I was you :D
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  10. avatar BinaryOperator
    You could try and negotiate times when you would not be annoying this person(s).

    You really do not wanna shit on your own doorstep and land yourself with ongoing neighbor disputes....