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    My band, Six Seconds In Dallas are looking for a new singer, and a drummer. Some of the band members have moved away for university and left us in this pickle. Descriptions of us tend to be experimental college rock or "moody alternative 90s", I go with shoegaze or new wave but we have a pretty wide range of musical tastes and are always developing musically. At the minute I'm focusing on getting good at writing hooks and melodies. The current members of the band range from 17 to 18 years old so, y'know, it'd be preferable that there wasn't a big generation gap or anything. We're based in Belfast and practise in Glengormley.

    Some of our music can be found here:


    and here:


    So, if you like some of our music and think you'd be a good addition to the band leave a comment or send an e-mail to blackcheeseinvasion@msn.com.


    Jack Aurora
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    Hey man chris here i tryd added u on msn but u never come online any way i have been playing for about 8 years now been in loads of diffrent bands I am very commited i also can get gig every week if not 2 gigs ! Ect heres my number 07591127895

    Reguards chris !
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