1. avatar 5Lighters
    Recently formed punk outfit, Buck Eejit, currently in need of a guitarist. Lisburn area. Playing all sorts of 80s(ish) punk/Oi! Influences and covers include Exploited, GBH, 4-Skins, Misfits, Dead Kennedys etc.

    We are all oul lads getting back into it for the craic.
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  2. avatar NeverSayDio
    California-Uber Alles is such such a song!
  3. avatar 5Lighters
    It is indeed, but it sounds like $hite without a guitarist...
  4. avatar motley
    My first post!
    U UP for it then Neversaydio,u a madaxeman?
  5. avatar NeverSayDio
    haha yes man but i've no car and that's the downfall.all other criteria match.check out www.myspace.com/supernautstew.i'm 99 years and 361 days old too
    cheers guys
  6. avatar 5Lighters
    Where are you based Stew?
  7. avatar NeverSayDio
    pm'd you
  8. avatar 5Lighters
  9. avatar sailorbill
    Buck Eejit is a great name!
  10. avatar motley
    Oh,for a guitarist!!
  11. avatar motley
    Are you a mad axeman by any chance sailorbill,who wants to join a punk band?
  12. avatar motley
  13. avatar hmsmajesty
    Definitely interested, Im 30, been playing 15 years, love me hardcore. Drop me a line on my email address if the ad is still relevant. hmsmajesty1@yahoo.co.uk