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    Why not have a gander at the full tour poster as well..
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    Got the right poster up now, taking a gamble on this but if it works i'll do more of this kinda thing, get some cool music over to these shores from bands who know what playing a rock show really means
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    I'll be back later with bio's, pictures, etc
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    Shield your eyes and Nitkowski are frickin deadly bands and good mates of ours, go see em if your around, you really wont regret it if you wanna banging night out...PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [b:5c0011c906]SHIELD YOUR EYES[/b:5c0011c906]


    These guys tour HARD! It's their first time over to these shores, so lets show them why great acts (not only the massive ones) should come entertain our rock craving souls. They've just released they're second album, less than a year after releasing their first. It's superb! The first is superb! Don't miss this.



    This is what Kerrang have to say:

    For fans of fugazi.. Do you really have to hear any more than that?

    [b:5c0011c906]THE ALICE KONA BAND[/b:5c0011c906]


    "Exactly what a band should be...three front men and a drummer. Punk as fuck."
    "The Alice Kona Band are the very embodiment of a new brand of Belfast music, their sheer untempered vigour transcends the plague of pretension"




    10 Hands playing 22 strings & 4 drums
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    This is tonight
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    Stage Times:

    Elspeth - 9.30-10.00
    Alice Kona - 10.15-10.45
    Nitkowski - 11.00-11.30
    Shield Your Eyes - 11.45-12.15

    Or roundabouts..