1. avatar Fighting For Salem
    As a songwriter I have had songs licensed for use on television and have had a small but loyal following of appreciators over the years.

    Now, you can have your own personalized song wrote to order.

    1) for your partner on their anniversary/birthday
    2) to celebrate the birth of a child
    3) for a birthday
    4) for Christmas
    5) for your parent/child
    6) for your grandparents
    7) for your best friend
    8) to tell someone you love them for the first time..or maybe just for the first time today...
    9) or for any reason you can think of!

    I will write the song and you can have as much involvement as you like. I can turn your own words or poetry into a song or I can go from scratch having received some basic guidance or direction from you. You can be as involved in the writing process as you like. My only condition is that I will not write anything that is obscene or offensive.

    I am expecting a lot of orders in the run up to Christmas so be sure to get your order in now while I still have room to take them. Mail me here or at garyandrewc@gmail.com.

    Fees and legalities will be discussed if you are interested enough to email me. The cost will usually vary between..

    120-140 dollars
    80-100 Uk pounds
    130-150 Canadian Dollars
    130-160 Australian Dollars
    80-100 Euros
    800-1000 Rand

    However, These prices are negotiable. If you cant afford the price feel free to make an offer that is affordable to you.

    The price difference will depend on how quickly you need the song, whether or not you contributed the lyrics and depending on your choice of final song product.. You can either have the song mailed to your home via your postal service or as an mp3 file sent to your email address.

    depending on what you desire, the price will fluctuate slightly.

    The recording of the song will be performed by myself on acoustic guitar and again, can be mailed to you electronically or cd form by your postal service.