1. avatar joshywoshy
    So my band and i are gettin our mate to record/mix us a four track EP. Thing is he doesnt have good enough recording equipment/space for the drums, so the question is who in NI would be up to the task of recording 4 drum tracks!? I've only worked with two recording studios and we dont know of that many so shamelessly [u:1f293478f5]link me to your studio[/u:1f293478f5]!! (or recommend someone who records drums well)

    we play indie rock sorta stuff with a medium heaviness if that helps narrow the spectrum a bit. if you're comfortable with it include some recordings/prices and it would make my task easier lol

    cheers guys

  2. avatar Rocky
    Hi Josh,

    I work at Start Together Studio in Belfast.
    We love recording drums.

    We have various live rooms, from controlled to crazy, wood/brick/stone with natural echo from concrete stairwells.

    We have drums by Ludwig, Rogers, Hayman, Premier, Pearl, Mapex, Yamaha and more.

    A great selection of mics and pre amps.
    We record to Pro Tools HD3.

    We've worked on albums by: Oppenheimer, ...And So I Watch You From Afar, Mojo FURY, In Case Of Fire, Robyn G Shiels, Cutaways, Robert Holmes, Yes Cadets, Duke Special, St. Dudes, Tom McShane,
    Pocket Billiards and more....


    give me a pm or contact me via email (details on website) if you want to know about rates.
  3. avatar Rocky
    I'd also recommend Amberville (Cullybacky), Blue Room (Donaghadee) & Blast Furnace (Derry)
    As places with great gear, rooms and/or people!

    And come to think of it, Broken Studios - somewhere up North - and also Railway Studios in Lisburn.

    I believe Mike From Mojo FURY has a recording set up based somewhere in Lisburn - He's fantastic too,
    especially if you want a lot of character in the recording.
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  4. avatar EWCraig
    noisefactory, cheap and efficient.


    Broken studios, friends recorded there and we're recording there soon.
  5. avatar Declan
    All the info you need on my studio is on the website. Photos on there too.

    Great for tight punchy sounding drums.

    API pre amps, 32 channel Soundtracs analogue desk. loads of high end mics and analogue gear...

    Mapex mBirch kit

    Recent clients include: John Shelly and the creatures (The new N.I. tourist board advert), Mel Wiggins, Rachel Austin...

    Drop me an email for rates.

    All details on the [url=http://www.bigspacestudios.co.uk]website[/url]
  6. avatar Deadlights
    Blueroom Studios in Donaghadee are fantastic.

    The sound he got from the drums for our new EP is nothing short of amazing
  7. avatar fastfude
    Have a looky in the [url=/wiki/Category:Recording_Studios]Recording Studios category[/url] of the wiki, and add/edit where gaps need filled!