1. avatar IcebergEyes
    Hello, guys!
    If anyone there needs a really good female singer, let me know.
  2. avatar IcebergEyes
  3. avatar salfhal
    Everyone who's replied (to your 2 threads) wants to hear your voice, perhaps you should provide a video/track for them to hear?
  4. avatar IcebergEyes
    Well, I reply to every post I get by sending PM. But if you are interested to hear, please visit: www.myspace.com/ladysilk08 just to get a main idea.

  5. avatar bertandharry
    still need a singer.gigs waiting
  6. avatar salfhal
    Perhaps this'll help your search -

    <embed src="http://musicservices.myspace.com/Modules/MusicServices/Services/Embed.ashx/ptype=4,ap=0,plid=7766,artid=14412621,skinid=16,profid=419034166" width="450" height="350">
  7. avatar IcebergEyes
    Thanx ;)