1. avatar jenniemcc
  2. avatar TalkShowMan
    One week to go, woot woot woot!
  3. avatar jenniemcc
    I'm really REALLY looking forward to this. The album sounds great on the recordings, can't wait to hear it live.
  4. avatar jonesy
    this week!!!
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    I couldn't possibly miss this. Not just because almost everyone involved is an old friend, but it really, genuinely is a gathering of some exceptional musical talents.
  6. avatar marshmalla
    Can't wait to see both bands - how very exciting!! ")
  7. avatar savoy truffle
    Apparently Mr Gatt is on Arts Extra on Radio Ulster at half six today and on Stuart Bailey tonight (Monday) at ten. Rockin.
  8. avatar Alice
    here's the aforementioned interview:

  9. avatar bigO
    This is going to be smashing. Cant wait to hear Geoff's album first hand ...
  10. avatar Alice
    Yeah I can't wait to see the album too! I've heard it looks class :)
  11. avatar Alice
    Just saw the album, it's AMAZING! So beautiful :)