1. avatar savagebilliards
    Pocket Billiards'travelling orchestra is finding travelling a tad difficult! It takes 2 cars for us to get anywhere with guitar amps and if we need drumkit and bass rig we find it really difficult. Obviously we make all our shows by hook or by crook but we need to address this annoying situation.

    Firstly we are looking to buy a mini bus type thing or something else suitable. It needs to have enough seats for the band plus space for gear. Does anyone know what type of thing we should look for, where to look and roughly how much a crappy one would sting us?

    Secondly we have 2 gigs coming up where we need to bring full backline - Fri 20th Nov in Derry and Sun 13th Dec in Dublin w/ Bad Manners.
    Can anyone help out?

    Thanks as always, Savage
  2. avatar stevie j
    Check your PMs