1. avatar iicutmyteeth
    bassist, vocalist, & possible guitarist seek other guitarist & drummer
    based in belfast

    the bronx
    suicide file
    american nightmare

  2. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    havent heard of the bands youve listed. any others that might spark off an idea, of what you want, in my head?
  3. avatar iicutmyteeth
    I'd say the best thing to do is check them out. It's all hardcore based punk.
  4. avatar MarkAxisOf
    sounds good!
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    There should be more bands that have Blacklisted as their influence!

    Wish I was able to do either of the two things you need.
  6. avatar iicutmyteeth
    thanks guys, we've got a couple of drummer options. hoping a guitarist gets sorted out soon, so if anyone knows of anybody send them my way!
  7. avatar Jameboat