1. avatar HollyHotpocket
  2. avatar Bileofwood
    This is very exciting.

    I'm excited.

    In fact, I can barely contain it.

    Ergo: BUMP
  3. avatar JTM
    This is tonight folks! Skip whatever plans you had to watch old episodes of Lost on DVD and come to this instead!
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    Oh aye.

    Been ages since I saw Eskimos Fall. Looking forward to hearing them again. Always good fun.
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    I've just been at the soundcheck for this - all three bands sound totally top bollock.

    If in doubt, get your ass down there!
  6. avatar mcveighp
    Do you know what!! for such a mix of talent on stage, this was a fucking great gig!

    Fantastic turn out crowd wise and a great response from the crowd to all bands!

    Hubris / Suspended Congress

    were two great bands to play with keep er lit!

    Eskimo Pete
  7. avatar senatorofcongress
    I have to agree one hundred per cent- great bands, great craic and great turn-out. Grateful to have been a part of this one and thanks for your kind words pete.
  8. avatar Bileofwood
    The Hubris concur! Happy days! Great night, great gig, great craic.
  9. avatar JTM
    Thanks guys, I was blown away by the performances of all three bands, and I thoroughly enjoyed that!

    Bigger things for all 3 in '10 I reckon, but thanks for playing for us and thanks to all who came down!
  10. avatar TheVires
    Gutted that we couldn't make it down.

    Top line up.