1. avatar Baroness_84
    I need my guitar sorted in general, a good clean, intonation fixed blah blah...

    Who's the best person to do it in Belfast??
  2. avatar anty2
    ive been told to contact tony hamilton on the board, whatever he posts under or bairds are supposed to be good. need to take my bass into them soon.
  3. avatar Baroness_84
    Any ideas on a (vague)price for it?
  4. avatar thesacredhearts
    tony afaik deals more in amps etc than guitars, although i could be mistaken. he's also out of action at the minute for health reasons (again this might have changed since i contacted him a while back).

    fwiw, ive had really good experiences with the guys the GE use. Guitars have been set up just how i like them, at a fairly low cost (i needed some additional work done on a guitar so cant quote basic prices, but having a couple of frets filed, a set up, switch seen too and a new selector knob cost 45 bills). In one instance a mistake was made with some valves being put into my amp although i was to bring in my own replacement valves, which they then rectified and didnt charge me for any labour at all. free work for a small inconvenience, good service in my book.
  5. avatar Aceley
    Dennnis Currie.. although he lives in portadown.. he'll have your axe off road for around a week, but hes he best in the country imo.. i needed someone tht knew what they're doing and trust worthy with the price of my guitar and dennis came highly recommended.. if you want his number send me a PM.
  6. avatar artyfufkin
    Denis is the best. He does the repairs for Bairds and the Emporium. If you use the Emporium make sure they do send it to Denis because sometimes they have a go themselves and try and claim Denis did it.
  7. avatar xarray
  8. avatar The Stav
  9. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    The Stav speaks wisdom - if all it takes is a wee screwdriver and a decent tuner, do it yourself.
    hint: for cleaning fretboards, i suggest straight-up baby oil (mineral oil), paper towel and a tiny bit of patience. work on a clean desktop, get comfy, get to know your guitar, it's good for the soul ;)

    if you need some more in-depth stuff done like nut slot filing, i'm in Larne, i'm a guitar tech.
  10. avatar Baroness_84
  11. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:4b0786d9de="Leif Bodnarchuk"]for cleaning fretboards, i suggest straight-up baby oil (mineral oil)[/quote:4b0786d9de]100% agree on that as well (for unlacquered finishes obviously). There's always Snake Oils out there -- although I haven't actually seen any made out of snakes (or indeed, babies) -- but any organic oil is going to decompose and stink and feed the bacteria. So mineral oil is far better.
  12. avatar John Hodge
    Ernie McMillan is the guy I go to, whether it's a bit of tinkering with the set up or a completely new bass neck etc. The only reason I can't name another luthier is because I've never needed anyone besides Ernie!
  13. avatar Kings Of Oblivion
    Go extremely easy on the oil for fret boards. Once it's clean and the wood is conditioned don't apply anymore for at least another 6 months. Just wipe off any grime that builds up in the mean time because over-using the oil will damage the board. The directions that come with the oil will say something similar.

    I've taken my guitar to Bairds for pick-up replacements and to get the frets looks at which is fine but as for Intonation and Action and all the smaller jobs just get the book someone else mention and DIY.
  14. avatar massimo