1. avatar LettuceFunk
    Boss GT-6B for sale, you all know what they look like, big, red and full of effects for yer bass. Make me an offer. Really want rid of it so you never know.
  2. avatar LettuceFunk
    100 quid and it's yours!
  3. avatar thedevilsreject
    What sort of condition is it in? Would you take any less for it?
  4. avatar LettuceFunk
    it's in full working order with the original power lead, few scrapes, nothing major and all the buttons and knobs still there and working. What price you thinking?
  5. avatar LettuceFunk
    someone make me an offer! i'll be in belfast tomorrow night and can deliver it to your door.
  6. avatar thedevilsreject
    Would you take 60?
  7. avatar Audioperm
    how old is it and did you buy it new?
  8. avatar LettuceFunk
    Got it off the original owner, its 3 years old or so.

    60 is too cheap.
  9. avatar Audioperm
    what would you accept for it cash?
  10. avatar Audioperm
  11. avatar LettuceFunk
    80 and it's yours.
  12. avatar LettuceFunk
  13. avatar LettuceFunk
    80 quid and i'll run it up to belfast, can't say better than that.