1. avatar don sebestian
    Stereo War Favourites are looking to recruit a new singer to embellish our sound further. Influence not important, however for anyone who wants to know our fav bands tend to be Blood Brothers, ATDI, Fall Of Troy, Cursive, Future Of The Left, Jetplane, Deftones, Foals and so on, our myspace is [url=http://www.myspace.com/stereowarfavouritesband]here...[/url] complete with old songs. We are currently recording more material which we are intending to pass onto anyone who would like to experiment with it vocally.

    Contact myself here or by myspace if interested. Were not really gonna hold auditions- more - extend an invitation to get steamin at the studio and see what can be written. Join us!

  2. avatar Adlai
    Man I wish I could sing!
  3. avatar don sebestian
    [quote:db57b26750="Adlai"]Man I wish I could sing![/quote:db57b26750]
    haha me too adlai
  4. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    So Emmet's still in the band? Dual vocalist idea. Interesting.
  5. avatar don sebestian
    [quote:9ece196548="MULLAN Extraordinaire"]So Emmet's still in the band? Dual vocalist idea. Interesting.[/quote:9ece196548]

    No, Colton is no longer with us...erm... i don't mean he's dead like- just; Emmet and ourselves differed significantly in our intentions for the band. We want to carry on and continue doing what we do. dual vocalist is something that appeals though!
  6. avatar HolyRoach
    Good band, singer's delivery is very reminescent of Cedrics. I'd offer to sing but I don't have the power to sing for a band like that :P