1. avatar delfuego
    Male. 34. Own House. Balding and overweight. Seeks someone in Lurgan/Craigavon area for mutual sonic gratification to while away the long winter evenings.

    Sorry, bored in work!! :lol:

    Looking for something to do in Lurgan area. I play bass or rhythm guitar (equally badly), can write lyrics and was in loads of bands in my youth. Looking to get over my mid-life crisis by acting the young lad again and writing a few tunes.

    Open to basically anything. I listen to everything from acoustic to thrash metal. Comfort Zone is probably in the middle.

    Anyone wants to waste some time writing a few tunes, playing a few sh*tty bars and moaning about young ones these days having no repsect for their elders, then give me a shout. Anything to get away from the missus :evil:
  2. avatar lisamaudsley
    My first post!
    hi i dont know if you are looking for someone that will sing your stuff or not, but thats what im lookin for...

    i am 41, into rock jazz and metal, but will sing anything!
    dont look or act my age lol
    live in newcastle, so lurgan not that far.
    been seeing a vocal coach now for last few months and she feels im ready to give it a go.
    so heres hoping.

    my no.07894831580.

    thanx. lisa.
  3. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    Anybody in lurgan? Aye. Theres about 5 people that live in Lurgan. Not sure. Could be less. New years eve must a "hoot" in Lurgan.
  4. avatar kekybobo
    head to the battle of the bands comp tonight in the courthouse bar. im sure you'll meet like minded people there.