1. avatar buttercore
    Alright, the band is looking a big lunged vocalist/frontman to complete line up.

    No need for proper singers, only loud and aggressive shouters/growlers/screamers. A distinctive voice would be class. Experience would also be good. A bit of variety in your voice would be really good, we dont just want cookie monster vocals.

    Looking for:
    -Good voice
    -Good ideas about lyric content, not looking Cannibal Corpse sort of stuff (not that we have a problem with CC). We also have our own ideas so you won't be writing on your own.

    Bands influences:
    Pig Destroyer, Mastodon, Entombed, Slayer, Pantera, Nasum, Vader, Suicide Silence.
    Playing mid paced, heavy, chunky metal with good grooves and rhythm.

    We practice every Monday night in Lisburn, but some of us travel from Belfast.

    Message me here and if you have any demos please throw them this way,