1. avatar unspecified_trend

    Guitarist and Drummer looking to start up band in Belfast, looking another guitarist, bassist and preferably female vocalist. We've no particular sound, aiming to sound something like Fightstar (Paint your target) mixed with Shinedown (Devour).

    If you're interested, give me a shout on this.


  2. avatar paperlanterns
    Hey man, when we were looking for a singer we came across a girl based in lisburn, her username is V1kky, samples she provided us came from her old band http://www.myspace.com/circusheroesband

    She might fit your bill!

    Good luck!

    Paper Lanterns
  3. avatar tenrabbits
    There's also Amy - used to be the singer in Dawn. I'll PM you
    her email.
  4. avatar Deadlights
    there's a girl we're pally with called Becca. She has a fantastic voice would suit pop, folk, jazz, indie. Played a few gigs with us and wrote a wee acoustic number with her, but parted ways after that as her voice wasn't really right for our heavier music. There's video clips on our youtube channel (theres a link to it on our myspace page beneath our videos - myspace.com/deadlights08, you can see her singing a few with us. and here's her myspace to give her a shout if you're interested - http://www.myspace.com/265428054

  5. avatar unspecified_trend