1. avatar KnossosApothesis

    We're using a sevenstring guitar and a shitload of gain. Meshuggah, Nile, Trigger the Bloodshed and Cannibal Corpse all idolised. Lets get technical, and spacey.
  2. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    no offence lads but i dont think yas are serious. ive seen countless ads up here of yas needing a guitarist for all sortsa genres. So, i finally decided ill give yas a shot. Two PMs were exchanged, nothings happened, and then you post a new thread. Whats the deal lads? Are my fangs too white? Is my hair too long? Is my scrotum too loose? What IS the deal? lol.
  3. avatar KnossosApothesis
    Oops, Pm'd