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    My first post!
    Hi all,
    Please take a little time to read this, its very important to me!

    On saturday night (7th nov) I was playing a gig in Lavery's Bar on Bradbury Place in Belfast city center. A little further up that road towards the next lights the car was parked for the night. My portfolio was in the car, and it seems that when the car was being loaded/unloaded, it must have fallen out of the car unnoticed. I only discovered that it was gone the next morning when I returned to the car. There was no sign of paper or bits of the art anywhere, and it wasn't handed into the nearby cafe or takeaways from what we can gather. We checked with the police and the council with no joy. I am hoping that someone, best case scenario, took it home out of curiosity...

    It's incredibly important that I try to find the art, as its the product of a few years of a diploma course and originals of professional commissioned pieces. The portfolio was to get me into my degree course next year, I have only home taken digital camera shots of the work, which are not good enough to be digitally reproduced. Without it I have absolutely nothing to show for years of hard work, so if you hear anything at all, or recognise any of the work (most of its on my blog, linked below) over the next while, please get in touch with me, it would make a huge difference to me to have the work back.

    The work was all stuffed into a clear plastic A1 slipcase (that would go inside a ring bound A1 portfolio folder). The pieces ranged between Illustrative, Print, Mixed Media, Cartoon, Life Drawing and more, and most of the work can be seen on my blogspot, please take the time to look in case you might possibly see some of the pieces somewhere someday!
    [url=http://karenbrowett.blogspot.com/]Karen Browett[/url]

    I you have any other idea's where I can post this, or can copy and paste it to a forum/site they use please let me know also, as I'm an outa towner, so I'm afraid I don't really know where to start.
    Thank you for reading,


    Heres some examples of the work. Sorry about the size of them, Im not sure how to change the sizes on this forum.

    Fun Stuff you might recognise

    Life Drawing and Representational

    Print and Project on Horror Illustration
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    Man that sucks, Good Luck finding it Karen.