1. avatar marty mc
    hey guys im looking into the above statement!
    im from strabane been playing bass 8 years, guitar 4 nearly 5years
    and just recently the drums but have had band xp so im bout average kinda drummer.
    im looking into starting any thing atm be it acoustic, punk, metal, indie, emo well just what ever really.
    spent to much time messing around so i want something to work this time.
    so get in touch, by the way i will travel not afraid of a journey and am 22 years old lol
  2. avatar punkvsmetal
    where are you from
  3. avatar KnossosApothesis


    Nile and Cannibal Corpse stuff interest you?
  4. avatar EWCraig
  5. avatar marty mc
    hey guys out curiousity what age are ya's
  6. avatar museician
    what bands do you like? i have a friend who sings and i play guitar - if you want add my msn gilchristbgj@live.co.uk
  7. avatar marty mc
    well im in to a little bit of everything to be honest so what ever was getting played would be talked about before anything was to start mate
  8. avatar KnossosApothesis
    We're 16 and 17, we were the same year at school and we're both music students
  9. avatar Twanky
    My first post!
    firstly i love how it says if you cant be civil, dont be a dick...so civil!

    I'm 23, from belfast, used to sing in Steer Clear and I sing in a band called Thief but I'm starting a metal project on the side. We have an outrageous drummer and guitarist involved already...seeking a bass player who can commit to one-two practices a week in the practice room on kennedy way belfast (just off the M1 at andytown)

    we'd be very interested in having a jam with you if you fancy it, got a lot of contacts from previous ventures here and in dublin. the sound will be somewhere between killswitch engage and a day to remember...this new project is called A Murder of Crows.

    like i say, we need a bass player (and a guitarist) and one of those to do backing vocals and some roaring...but not much. the key here is gonna be having a laugh and getting a lotta gigs as soon as we are ready which we hoping will be sometime around christmas/january...got some material (8 songs written already).

    what you think??