1. avatar jobby
    Unfortunately our Bass Player John, has decided to leave the band for personal reasons, and on good terms. He will be sorely missed as he was a big part of Skruff. Good times we're had!

    We're now on the hunt for a new bass player who's up to the task. So if any1 wants to have a go they should get in touch with the band. We plan to be back up and gigging ASAP.

    peteskruff@yahoo.co.uk :D
  2. avatar marty mc
    would love to do this but i wouldnt exactly fit the image lol
  3. avatar roryb
    hey guys wudnt mind trying out? where you guys based now i live in Belfast. names Rory im 21. Been playing for years in various bands around the north. Cheers
  4. avatar jobby
    Happy days Rory. We're based in the Derry/Strabane area. If u could give me a mail at the email i provided with ur details that'd be cool. Cheers
  5. avatar jobby
  6. avatar marty mc
    check your pm's
  7. avatar mattagnew
  8. avatar jobby
  9. avatar midnight blues
    any updates on this? I cant wait for skruff to start gigging again. miss you guys a lot!!!! :(

    good luck
  10. avatar jobby
    We're gettin loads of interest so far. We just wanna make sure we find the right guy. We're absolutely hangin to get bak out there aswell!!! :109: