1. avatar kp_goodness
    Thanks to everyone who made our gig over the w/e. We're back home in Scotland now but the native Northern Irelanders in the band were glad to get back home. All the people we met after the show were really nice and thanks for the kind words. Next time we hope to play in Belfast ( Gav's old stomping ground) and maybe up in Derry too (Kelagh's home town) We're trying to keep things low key at the minute but the new line up is really working out great.

    If any of you can make it over to our December gig's in Edinburgh then come over and if your wearing your badges you'll get a discount on the door as we promised.

    We'd also like to thank the guys at Club Flicknife for arranging the gig and getting us fitted in at the last minute. Glad we could help out and thanks for the opportunity. We look forward to playing for you again in the near future!

    Keep up dated at www.jumppressa.com and we hope to be back in the new year with some new material

    If you missed the show but wanna check out the tunes or you want more visit the site www.jumppressa.com

    See you all in the new year

    Keep jumping!