1. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Hey everyone
    i will be on a three month break from Leonard Cohen, so i'll be 'in business' for valve amp & (electric) guitar repairs, setups, etc.

    i'm not looking to be TOO busy, so i won't promise to take on any and every job that comes my way, but it would be nice to start building up a client base among y'all.

    i'm based in Larne

    [b:92e353ea93]** PLEASE DO NOT P.M. ME - email; A Z I N C O U R T @ M E . C O M **[/b:92e353ea93]

    website - [url=http://web.me.com/dragonhelm/tech/Home.html]http://web.me.com/dragonhelm/tech/Home.html[/url]
    (some of the articles may seem a little dated; haven't done any in a while)

    [i:92e353ea93]apologies to those that PM'd me and didn't receive a response - i didn't get the notification, sorry.[/i:92e353ea93]