1. avatar kobi
    We are looking for another band to join us in the Rosetta on Fri 4th Dec - Poss a good crowd pulling band - The line up so far is Kobi / Heroes Make Headlines / Ended 31st / Third Harvest. More details will follow for interested bands.
  2. avatar deadpresidents
    the dead presidents would love to do it for both gigs Pavilion and the Rosetta
  3. avatar Valkaine Miki
    Hey guys. Valkaine would be well up for the gig if you want us there.
  4. avatar punkvsmetal
    Hey end the rapture would love to do it

    check us out on

    email endtherapture2009@hotmail.co.uk if interested

    looking forward to hereing from you

    Shea from ETR
  5. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    our band Jonny is an Ambulance Would be happy to play

    4 peice Skacore"ish" band from Portadown

  6. avatar Deadlights
    hey lads, im sure we'd be up for it, havnt played the Rosetta in years, loved that place with the big stage and all! Were chattin to you after we heard ya's for the first time at that Laverys gig for Zombi a few weeks ago, anyway, give us a shout if you're interested. Cheers, Bodles